A Conversation About Parenting, Discipline, and Owning Your Decisions

It was such a pleasure to be able to chat with and just soak in all of Janny’s knowledge about parenting and how to navigate going against the norm as a parent.

And Janny doesn’t claim to have all the answers, but instead gives us tips on how we can question things and come to our own conclusions.

During the episode we also discuss:

  • How Janny determines if something is #JannyApproved so we can research non-tox products ourselves (some tips might surprise you – like, did you know if water is present, that’s a red flag that a preservative was used?!)
  • How marketers convince us that babies need WAY more products than they actually do
  • Why buying products from small suppliers is best (ps use code ‘toxinfree’ to save 20% at https://treatyourselfinc.com/ )
  • Why it’s important to keep an eye for big brands buying out smaller ones that you currently trust (and to ALWAYS read the label, even if you’ve bought the product before)
  • Our thoughts on posting your children on social media
  • Why we should reconsider forcing our children to sit in Santa’s lap if they are screaming out against it.
  • Why and how we should honor our children’s emotions
  • How to handle meltdowns in a positive manner and discipline in a way that is not detrimental to the child
  • Why discipline is actually a positive action
  • A couple of creative ways to provide kids with responsibility and discipline in a positive manner
  • How, in regards to social media, you are not obligated to explain yourself to others about your parenting practices and you are never obligated to disclose your child’s medical info with others if you don’t feel the need

I personally loved this conversation and especially resonated with our discussion about discipline. 

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