The Importance of Bacteria to Our Survival

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A Re-cap of the Documentary ‘Microbirth’

This episode was basically a re-cap of the documentary called Microbirth. It opened my eyes so much to the importance of a natural birth and breastfeeding and taking the right precautions when a C-section is necessary. Also be sure to check out Episode 9 of this podcast where Tay explains her birth plan for when she had to have a C-section!

The documentary went on to detail how much cooperation goes on in nature and how not everything is all “survival-of-the-fittest” as it’s hyped up to be. However, when one thing goes out of balance, it sets off a cascade of effects, and everything feels the ramifications in some way. *spoiler alert* Antibiotics majorly cause an imbalance to an ecosystem (our gut microbiome).

During the episode I also discuss:

  • Why epigenetics actually means we can take our power back 
  • The importance of bacterial ecosystems to our survival
  • How we are 90% microbial and 10% mamalian
  • How we evolved with bacteria to form a ‘symbiotic superorganism’ 
  • How having a greater microbial diversity makes you less susceptible to both chronic illness and communicable diseases such as the flu.
  • How antibiotic use can affect brain function in children due to the gut brain connection

Again, I highly recommend checking out the documentary Microbirth, it was definitely a wealth of information and put together the story perfectly.


Coming Up…

Be sure to tune in next week for my interview with a mom (Janny to be exact) where we talk about how to find non-toxic products for ourselves, how babies need less products than marketers want us to believe, and her thoughts on sharing her children on social media. You won’t wanna miss it!

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